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12 Latest Trends in Commercial Property Construction With New Jersey General Contractors

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When you walk in the city of New Jersey general contractors, you must have noticed that many buildings have similar designs. The thought of how to make your new commercial property different from others must have crossed your mind.
We understand that property owners seek the trendiest designs for their buildings, often looking for futuristic architectural designs with robust features. To help you give ideas, we have gathered information from New Jersey general contractors about the most common and trending design features they are asked to implement in their projects.

12 Trends in Commercial Construction by New Jersey General Contractors

1. Sustainable Practices
In today’s business environment, commercial property owners are increasingly recognizing the significance of sustainable practices and are seeking out contractors who adhere to these principles. This is particularly crucial in cities like New Jersey general contractors, where construction project regulations are stringent.
Some of the best examples are the installation of eco-friendly fences, minimizing carbon footprint, reducing water consumption, and avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals.

2. Smart Technology

Commercial properties ask the New Jersey general contractors to install all the innovative technology for their buildings, like automated energy management systems that not only manage electricity but also decrease energy consumption without the need for any hassle.
Since solar technologies are in demand, company owners like to install solar systems to save money on energy bills. Similarly, popular technologies like CCTVs, automated gating systems, walk-throughs, alarm systems, and sensor lighting systems for security and occupancy tracking are in demand.

3. Keeping Historical Details

Preserving historical details in commercial properties is another trend followed in the industry. One approach is to retain original architectural features, such as exposed brickwork, ornate moldings, or decorative columns, and use them in the design scheme.
Additionally, restoring and showcasing historical elements like hardwood floors, vintage fixtures, or stained glass windows is also getting popular day by day.

4. Multi-Purpose Building Design

Many commercial business owners like to keep their buildings available for multiple types of use. For example, movable partitions or furniture can transform a large room into smaller areas for meetings or events.
Walls or partitions made of modular panels can be moved or reconfigured to change the layout of a room. Similarly, modular units like prefabricated offices or meeting rooms can be added or removed to accommodate changing requirements.

5. Wellness Facilities and Amenities

Businesses are dependent on the productivity and wellness of their employees. To keep their employees productive and reduce the turnover ratio, they are investing in specific amenities.
These include gyms, gaming zones, pet play areas, natural lighting, a cafeteria, specific smoking areas, and other spaces for social activities. New Jersey general contractors get a high demand to create spaces for such amenities when designing blueprints.

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6. Flexible Workspace Design

As we compare traditional office designs with modern, flexible office designs, it’s clear that conventional offices were intended to accommodate a specific number of employees at their designated seats.
In contrast, flexible offices are now trending, which gives employees the freedom to work wherever they choose within the building. They can grab their laptop and work from any location they prefer. This flexibility allows employees to collaborate more effectively with their teammates.

7. High-Performance Building Envelope

New Jersey general contractors also receive requests for high-performance building envelopes. These involve using cutting-edge insulation, air sealing, and energy-efficient glazing to curb heat loss, slash energy usage, and enhance thermal comfort.
They are also famous for preventing air leaks, drafts, and moisture infiltration through an exterior wall by installing a continuous air and moisture barrier that controls water infiltration and accumulation.

8. Kitchen Garden Spaces

Another latest trend in commercial construction is the installation of hydroponic systems. It is the technique of growing plants using a water-based nutrient solution rather than soil.
Many property owners are in favor of constructing small kitchen gardening setups across their buildings with hydroponic systems to create urban farming spaces and promote local food production.

9. High-Tech Displaying Canvas

Commercial building owners like to show their brands and identity to the public. They ask the New Jersey general contractors to install high-tech LED screens and other facade sign boards to display the ads and branding to the public. This enhances the aesthetics of the building and also increases energy performance.

10. Offsite Construction

Offsite construction refers to structures or components that are built somewhere other than where they will be used. It takes place in a factory that is specifically designed for this type of process, and individual modules or components of the building are built there before being transported to the site. This practice is widespread in the industry as it doesn’t hinder the productivity of the employees.

11. Catering Support Kitchen

Building catering support kitchens is also gaining popularity in commercial offices. That’s because having an on-site kitchen allows employees to access fresh meals and snacks without leaving the office premises, saving time and enhancing convenience. It also makes it easy for offices to host clients and guests more effectively by offering catering services during meetings, presentations, or tours.

12. Biophilic Design Elements

Business owners are creating open atriums or incorporating skylights to maximize natural light exposure and connect occupants with the outdoors. Outdoor gathering areas, such as terraces, patios, or rooftop gardens, are also another trending practice seen by general contractors. These places are great for employees to relax, socialize, and work outdoors, surrounded by greenery and fresh air.

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End Note

The above-discussed trends are in demand by the property owners of New Jersey general contractors. We hope now you are aware of the importance, benefits, and why the property owners want to follow these trends through valuable insights from New Jersey general contractors. These aspects not only affect the aesthetics of the property but also make it comfortable for all the employees around and keep them productive throughout the day.
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