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Overcoming Obstacles: Plescia Essex County Construction Manager’s Most Challenging Projects

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Plescia Construction and Development is dedicated to overcoming the complex difficulties and challenges of each construction project. Our team promptly responds to issues, and the success of our projects showcases our skills and expertise. The Boston Consulting Group office is an excellent demonstration of our ability to work with commercial clients.

Read on to learn the problems and challenges encountered during the construction process and how our Essex County Construction Manager successfully completed the projects.

Challenges Encountered by Plescia’s Essex County Construction Managers During the Boston Consulting Group Construction Project

1.      Budget and Schedule Management


One of the biggest and most difficult challenges faced by us was the budget constraints. In such a modern project with outstanding features, controlling the cost and keeping the project within the timeline was hard. Any unexpected delays, change orders, and material shortages could have impacted budget and schedule management.


To keep the project on track while within budget, our Essex County construction managers first created an estimation of the total budget and handed it to our stakeholders to transparently address all of the Boston consulting group requirements and avoid future conflicts. We employed value engineering principles to optimize the costs without compromising on the quality.

2.      Understanding Complex Space Requirements

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The project involved accommodation for several employees as well as several open spaces like open and enclosed workspaces, meeting spaces to host several meeting candidates at once, convenience stairs, raised platforms, and unique features like hanging project rooms.

  • Solution

Plescia’s Essex County construction managers were highly excited to complete this project. On extensively researching the client demands, we employed a space planning approach where the feasibility of the designs was studied while promptly collaborating and engaging with the stakeholders. Our managers used modern techniques like Building information modeling to visualize and examine the building design so that it could be optimized and utilized efficiently.

3.      Integrating Innovative Features

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Other than just the complex space requirement, the client wanted the project to be complete with modern innovations, such as a new skylight and pivoting stackable doors to a roof terrace throughout. Each feature demanded needed to be very functional and practical without compromising the building’s structural integrity or existing systems.

  • Solution

Plescia’s Essex County Construction managers involved our in-house architects, engineers, and other stakeholders to ensure the perfect integration of such features in the building. They also used innovative technologies for planning to coordinate the installation process while minimizing the disturbance.

4.      Technical and Engineering Complexity

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Mid-construction, the Boston Consulting Group asked to install a new MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) system across all of their floors. It was pretty tricky due to the sudden change in demands for installing HVAC systems, electrical wiring, plumbing networks, and lighting controls that can meet safety standards and energy efficiency goals.

  • Solution

Plescia’s Essex County Construction managers employed skilled and experienced MEP engineers and contractors to design and install these systems to match the building codes and client’s requirements. Our team used prefabricated components and modular construction technologies to install such systems perfectly.

End Note

Working with Boston Consulting Group allowed us to further improvise our expertise by overcoming several challenges diligently. During the complete tenure of this project, our Essex County construction managers served their duties with full responsibility to provide full satisfaction to the clients with the final project completion. The success of this project represents our skills and dedication towards our clients.

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