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The Art of Risk Management by Bergen County Construction Manager

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Risk management is the major responsibility and part of the job of the Bergen County construction manager. It is not just about avoiding any accidents during construction operations but also about managing all the possibilities that can delay your project or cause any potential damage to your property. It could be any natural disaster, structural damage, incident, or disruption of the operation process.

Plescia’s construction managers efficiently tackle all such risks and ensure the success of your project within your specific time and budget limits. Let’s take a look at our strategies:

4 Risk Management Strategies by Plescia’s Bergen County Construction Manager

1.      Understanding the Landscape

This strategy includes understanding project foundations and the goals, purpose, and client demand for what the building will serve. Our managers use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to simulate construction processes and identify potential clashes or design inconsistencies before construction begins.

We also implement value engineering to execute only the necessary tasks in a project at the lowest costs. The initial costs and long-term costs are also evaluated with the necessary resources, timeline, and responsibilities to reduce burdening surprises during construction.

2.      Rigorous Risk Assessment

After moving into the construction phase, we implement rigorous risk assessment and mitigation measures. Our Bergen County construction manager conducts ongoing trade coordination and uses advanced real-time project management tools like Procore to transparently track critical aspects such as submittals, requests for information, and project schedules.

The tool automates these manual and error-prone processes to prevent time wastage and rework. This also helps identify deviations from plans promptly.

3.      Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation

Throughout the project lifecycle, Plescia’s construction manager continuously monitors and adapts to mitigate emerging risks. Regular site inspections, progress reviews, and safety audits are conducted to identify deviations from plans and implement corrective actions promptly.

This proactive monitoring enables us to intervene promptly and make adjustments to maintain project schedule adherence and quality standards. Moreover, stakeholder meetings and progress reports are shared to guarantee alignment with project goals.

4.      Clear Communication

Communication is the major factor in avoiding potential risk. Plescia’s Bergen County Construction managers ensure that everyone associated with the project is informed exactly about what is happening in the project at a particular time.

The open and transparent communication channels let everyone express their concern related to the project and its operations. It also ensures that everyone knows what potential risks they may suffer while working on that project and how they can avoid them if any unexpected situation arises.

End Note

Mastering the art of risk management is important to completing projects on schedule, under budget, and with the best quality. Whether it’s the matter of cost determination and safety standards or problems related to on-site operation, the Bergen County Construction Manager’s competence and skills in this industry ensure that your project is in capable hands from beginning to end.

Trust Plescia’s construction managers to negotiate risks successfully so that your vision can become a reality with confidence. Let us help you achieve your construction goals. Get in touch now!