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Why Experience Matters: Our Bergen County General Contractor’s Expertise

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Experience has a significant role in developing skills and expertise. No matter how many skills you have, if you don’t have any practical experience, you are still considered a newbie in the industry. That’s because experience enables us to provide the best quality work according to the client’s demands.

Especially in construction projects, having an experienced general contractor can help you in multiple ways. Let’s take a look at how our Bergen County general contractors’ 20 years of experience in the industry helps us deliver exceptional work quality.

The Expertise of Plescia’s Bergen County General Contractors

1.      Construction of Complex Building Structures

With experience working with several clients and their projects, Plescia’s general contractors have aided in constructing and interior multiple complex structures. While working on such complex structures, they acquired different expertise in budget management, supply chain management, and sustainable practices in construction.

Our WebMD project is an excellent example of developing a complex building structure. Here, our GCs managed the interior construction of recording studios, private offices, and open workstations. Our expertise and collaboration with leading companies have positioned the WebMD Corporate Offices as one of the four outstanding offices in the United States, as recognized in the November issue of Interior Design Magazine.

1.      Mastery of Diverse Skills

Having an inexperienced construction manager without any diverse skills at your site is sometimes a terrible option. That’s because a construction project is not just about developing a building. Instead, it is also about managing all the paperwork, creating brand identity, and managing vendors, inventory, risks, time, and budget.

Plescia’s experienced Bergen County general contractors are skilled in all these necessary construction requirements. They will ensure that all these fundamentals are appropriately managed so you don’t suffer any mismanagement issues.

2.      Problem-Solving

While constructing any project, your project may suffer from a variety of problems like delays, conflicts, and legal issues related to project development. Plescia’s GC-proven record of complex projects has made us capable of having solutions for all project-related problems.

For instance, Plescia’s recent completion of a downtown eco-friendly office complex showcases our ability to manage complex projects adeptly. Despite strict environmental regulations and a tight schedule, our expertise in sustainable building practices ensured the effective execution of the project.

3.      Industry Knowledge and Trends

Whether you are looking to construct commercial plazas, social spaces, offices, or residential projects, Plescia’s Bergen County General contractors have all the relevant experience of working on such projects. They understand the industry trends and practices used in particular projects.  This helps us integrate technological updates and ensure legal compliance.

End Note

Choosing an experienced general contractor is more than just risk mitigation; it is about putting your project in the hands of specialists who have been there, done that, and know precisely how to produce results. Our Bergen County general contractor’s work results demonstrate why experience is so crucial in building successful projects. See our projects.